January 14, 2018 Hope And Other Things from Judges 13:1-23

Sunday, January 14, 2018

Speaker: Ron Hunka

Series: Interesting Stories from the Past

Study #1: Hope and Other Things from Judges 13:1-23

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Dictionary definition of hope

  • is basically wishful thinking
  • “wanting or thinking that something could actually happen”

Bible’s definition of hope

  • is “a certainty or expectation”
    • God is a person of Hope
    • He is the author of Hope
    • He gives hope to whoever He wants
    • Hope comes to life during the difficult situations we face
    • Hope is the anchor of our soul when we feel out of control
    • Hope has the power to purify our life

Judges 13:1-2

  • God has a habit of letting us feel how hopeless our situations in life really are before He offers us some of His hope
  • No matter how hopeless something might look, awareness of what is going on is God’s 1st step of hope

Judges 13:3-5

  • God gives hope to whoever He wants
  • Taking a Nazarite Vow shows others that you love God, & want to be “set-apart” living for God’s purposes instead of your own
    • This vow includes staying away from anything associated from the grapevine, not coming in contact with a dead animal & not cutting your hair (Num 6:2-8)
  • Jesus said that He is the only true source of life for people, and when we find that life in him He wants us to be “set-apart” for Him living for Him every day  (Jn 14:6, 4:10, 1Pet 3:15)

Judges 13:6-8

  • Hope helps guide us when we experience stress in our life
  • Hope helps anchor us when we feel out of control

Judges 13:9-14

  • In God’s eyes, the love that we have for Him and the character qualities that we possess are more important than any skills we can develop & use for Him

Judges 13:15-16

  • Before Jesus died, people had to kill an animal so its blood could “cover over” their sin before they could draw close to God
  • Today because of Jesus’ death, all we need to do is confess our sin to draw close to God

Judges 13:17-18

  • The Angel of the Lord they were talking to was really the person we know as Jesus
  • Although God is “wonderful & beyond our understanding”, He makes every effort to make Himself known to us because of His love for us

Judges 13:19-21

  • Similarities between THE angel of the Lord & Jesus include:
    • The Angel was humble – Jesus was humble
    • The angel wanted to serve Manoah & his wife –Jesus always had time for people
    • The angel did not answer questions the way they were hoped –Jesus often said things that were hard to understand

Judges 13:22-23

  • Hope has the power to purify our life from fear & other things
  • No one can see all of who God is –His entire person – & still live (Ex 33:20)

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